I agree with a response written by Ms. Hargrove, the Sierra Club and their
projects tend to sneak up on many of us.  They tend to hold most of their
meetings in colleges and universities, where they get their public opinion.
Most of the working class are so busy working they don't take the time to
attend these meetings.  That really is a shame because we all need to speak

Draining Lake Powell would be a huge mistake.  The Sierra Club should put
their money and time into finding other alternatives to draining.  It is a
fact, the canyon will never be what it was. If we want to see canyon walls,
they are just down the river.  I'm thankful that photos were taken of the
many petroglyphs that were covered with water because I'm sure they are
long gone. 

If the lake was drained, we would have deep ponds along the canyon walls
that would take forever to evaporate.  These small ponds would be nothing
but small nasty swamps full of creatures that can't get out of them.  I'm
sure the Sierra Club would be happy to spend a lot of money to drain those
ponds using some type of pump.  Of course that would use fossil fuels,
which are not renewable.  

Instead of spending millions of dollars trying to bring back the canyon,
let's look to the future.  Let's preserve that which is still in its
natural state.  We have landfills all over the country that are filling up
and we continue to produce trash.  They should really spend more time
trying to find a way to make fuel out of our trash.  As humans we consume
and produce huge amounts of waste.  Let's look at that.

The Glen Canyon Dam should remain and we need to find other alternatives to
draining!  Those of use who believe that Lake Powell should not be drained
need to be more vocal and we need more representation. 


Barbara Chadwick