Draining Lake Powell and the

Sierra Club Membership's Opinion

Not all of the membership of the Sierra Club is enthralled with the decision of the Club's Board of Directors to support the proposal to drain Lake Powell (or the reservoir behind Glen Canyon Dam, or Dominy's flat water - as the proponents would prefer to refer to the body of water).

First off two Club members in Page, AZ quit the Club over the Lake Powell proposal. Both had led Club sponsored hikes in the area for a number of years. Another Club member has retained his membership, but had an article in the July 1998 Arizona Highways magazine promoting the beauty of Lake Powell. Other members in the area have retained their memberships, but feel that the proposal is far down on the Club's list of priorities (as they feel is evident from the lack of discussion of it in the Club's magazine and mailings).

An article in the October 13, 1997 High Country Times reinforces the idea that the Board pulled this idea out of thin air, and that the November 1996 decision by the group's board to seek the draining of Lake Powell violated the club's policy that major decisions should start at the ground and work their way up.

#1 New Mexico did not send a delegate to the Colorado River Task Force (they had higher priorities).

#2 Utah felt the timing was bad, and that it would detract from their higher priority projects.

#3 The Colorado representative felt that a Task Force was necessary to review and justify the Board's decision.

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Excerpt from Rocky Mountain Chapter Meeting Draft Minutes - October 11-12, 1997

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