Dear Friend,

     I attended the talks held in SLC, UT about a month ago, and was
astonished at a group of people's ability to think how anointed they must
be, to be the ones "appointed" to drain Glen Canyon. I think, for the most
part, the Sierra Club mostly blows it's own horn and are basically harmless
and ineffectual, that they are a mostly 'feel-good' bunch of folks who might not
be the sharpest knives in the drawer. I said as much to my daughter, and she
told me that my sentiment is the very one the S. Club is hoping for. Because
when no one is paying much attention, THAT'S when the S.C. will act and
get things done, as no one is taking them seriously.

     Could this happen? Do we, the opposition, have reliable watch dogs out
there? (I speak as one reletively new and uninformed on the subject, since
I am. Mostly what I am, along with my husband, is a new owner of a 28'
cabin cruiser.)

     My 2nd question would be, just how much influence could an actor such
as Woody Harrelson have on this issue? I saw how he was welcomed, which was
very enthusiastically, but it's unclear if this was because of his stardom,
or his involvement with the Sierra Club.

                        Most Sincerely,

                        Darlene Hargrove